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company1CONNECTING LINE A.E. Was founded on the experience, expertise and excellent knowledge of the technological innovations of our time. CONNECTING LINE A.E undertakes integrated projects to exploit the potential of all new technologies in the field of surveillance and recording of areas using mobile telephony and telecoms in general. These fields are well known since it has been active since 1993. The rich experience it has gained from its many years of experience with the above technologies has led it to the search for and ultimately to the preservation of applications that contribute substantially to safety and control Of your properties. One of these applications is CleverEye's CleverEye Intelligent Business Controlling System. OUR POLICY The provision of innovative high quality products and services offered by CONNECTING LINE SA at competitive prices so that it is at the discretion of its customers to exploit them and ensure the protection of their properties OUR HUMAN RESOURCES In order to achieve its goals, CONNECTING LINE A.E., employs permanent collaborators, graduates of higher education institutions, and maintains a large network of external partners to provide the best possible service to its client. Young people, graduates find their study scope as we give them the opportunity to take a career in our company.