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CleverEye is a unique tool for controlling your business, which, in addition to recording anything that happens to it, also displays in video form any receipt that is cut off in your cash system.

So you have the opportunity to see not only if the receipt is issued and what exactly is included in it. This can be done in real time, but also in the past time using the recorded video.

CleverEye is a 100% Greek application, which our company has fully developed. Young scientists - developers find application  of their knowledge and skills  in our company, which is constantly innovating.

CleverEye is used with great success by small and large retail chains because it helps them deal effectively with the problem of managing their stores.


Profit Increase

CleverEye can record every transaction in your shops because it can synchronize both the data from your pos system with the video of the camera that is watching your pos system.

Data from the cash system can be analyzed to be able to control specific activities that may be suspicious, or to control the behavior of our employees and their productivity, as well as customer preferences, with this We can gradually increase our revenue.

During real-time surveillance or when looking at a record in a previous time, the operator sees video from the transaction on the screen showing the customer, the cash system, and all the receipt information issued for the transaction in text format In a separate window. So, with CleverEye we see, in addition to the receipt that is issued and all the events that occur in the cashier's field and which can not be shown in the receipt such as the opening of the machine drawer or the manual input of a product code.



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CleverEye in total offers you :

  • Loss Prevention from the pos systems in your stores
  • Theft prevention
  • Operation management tools
  • Customer behavior control tools
  • Sale promotion tools
  • Production management tools
  • Productivity and quality of service measurement tools

Every operator of your cashier machine knowing that you taken every necessary measure will not be involved in any kind of irregular situations such as:

  • Incidents of credit card/discount card fraud
  • Incidents in which the cashiers use the process of giving change to the customer as an discretion to steal money from your cashier machine
  • Incidents in which a receipt or an invoice is not being issued or given to the customer at all
  • Incidents in which the cashier changes the components of a receipt so that the customer pays less money than he has to
  • Incidents in which a barcode of a product is swapped for a barcode of a cheaper product
  • Φαινόμενα κατά τα οποία γίνεται χρήση μη επιτρεπόμενης έκπτωσης.
  • Incidents in which we have an authorization of an unauthorized discount
  • Certain incidents in which accomplices use some kind of tricks to move out goods from your store
  • Incidents in the cashier cancels a receipt so that he/she keeps the money for himself/herself
  • Incidents in which a returned good is stolen due to the fact that the exchange for the return of the product was never issued
  • Incidents in which goods and products in your warehouse are stolen from third party members or from even your employees
  • Incidents in which we have the use of a fake credit card debt clearing notes
  • Incidents in which we have fake return of products

CleverEye Analytics

CleverEye system allows us to search videos using keywords, All the data in the receipt can be used as keywords



In total with the CleverEye system u can search and see video of a sale in the time horizon u want to check using the following criteria:

  • per hour how many receipts the system holds
  • per product code how many products were sold
  • per salesman exchanges happened by this specific salesman
  • per cash machine number for instance cash machine 1,2 etc
  • receipts with discount
  • receipts which include cancellation of an exchange or product
  • receipts that are payed by credit card
  • number of openings of the drawer of the cash without printing of the receipt
  • searching of exchanges based on the amount of the receipt




camera 180

A new company product is our unique 180o degrees panoramic cameras that are design to be perfect compatible with a CleverEye software.

Our revolutionary 180o degrees cameras with 2Mpixel resolution, combined with a digital zoom feuture, it allows you to survilance a bigger area than before only with one camera instead of two. This CleverEye unique feuture not only saving you money but also time because now you have to watch fewer cameras than before.



tourta zoom


ZOOM with multiple options!!!

Now CleverEye has even more features! Multi-ZOOM operation combined with high-resolution cameras allows you to have a clear picture at any point in your area and focus on details!

Stop Loss Prevention

The Only Software able to find transactions in which a receipt was not issued

Do you have a huge deficit hole in your business?

The Stop Loss Prevention software is your solution to this problem!

One of the biggest problem that retail companies and food businesses have in common is that these types of businesses cannot eliminate incidents of theft from the companies cashiers

It is well know that these phenomena of employee behavior can destroy businesses.

Not Anymore!

Connecting Line S.A developed the platform Stop Loss Prevention in order to further improve and complete CleverEye.

SLP combines automatically video and sound technologies. Then it processes the necessary data and finally it provides the customer video incidents in which cashiers didn’t issued a receipt for a transaction.

SLP can also spot transactions without a receipt issued even if those do not appear in the pos.

Now with SLP on your side you can complete eliminate all kinds of deficits from thefts attempts in tour cashier

Daily losses in euros / in each store


Monthly losses in euros/ in each store


Annual losses in euros/ in each store




Check all transactions in cash or credit card, purchase, sales and production controls

Business Operations

Manage your business operation and the way customers behave inside your shop.

Troubleshooting and Support

Our company has a help line from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm

Theft prevention

Theft prevention inside the shop


Manage your productivity rates and a the quallity of service your business deliver.


Revolutionary surveillance of all your stores from a control room


Restriction of loosing funds from the cashier by "friendly" sales

Excellent image and video quallity

Our surveillance system has top notch video and image quallity

All in one Solution

Clevereye not only secure the transactions inside your stores but it is also a CCTV System, People Counting System and much more.


Lost Prevetion System Clevereye